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I know we have memebers now lol. so get posting! Here I'll get the… - Merowyn [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 19th, 2004|11:14 am]
A shippers paradise


I know we have memebers now lol. so get posting! Here I'll get the ball going with this LOTR story I wrote:

TITLE: Shades of Grey
ARCHIVE: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1218442
AUTHOR: Merton Lynn (that's me)
SPOLIERS: All three LOTR movies
SLASH: nope
SUMMARY: Wisteria has been friends with Merry and Pippin her whole life. One day while running through Maggot's corn field she embarks on a journey with her hobbit friends. But as the journey starts things begin to change between for two of them. (The rest of the story is at the above link)

~I remember it all like it was yesterday. Clearly now as if I was still a lass of twenty-seven. It was before the war. Just before. I know it's silly to write it all down. Just like Bilbo did, but this isn't for the world. Tis for my family...so that they may know my part in the war and that they know his part. It wasn't just all Frodo and Sam...~

Chapter One
"Come on Wisteria," Pippin whispered in my ear. I was sitting on a bench drinking my little mug of beer.

"What is it this time?" I asked rolling my eyes and looking over to the Took grinning at me.

"Me and Merry are goin' to get into Gandalf's fireworks. Wanna help?"

I was about to say yes but stopped herself. I had gotten into too much trouble with the rambunctious Pippin Took and Merry Brandybuck. "I can't."

"Why not?" he pouted.

"Because we just got in trouble last week for being in Farmer Maggot's crop and my Mum had me weeding the garden until last night," I put my beer down and lifted my scratched hands.

He took one hand and kissed the scratches. "Please?"

"Pippin!" Merry came jogging towards his younger cousin. "He's getting ready to leave, lets go!" He ran towards an unattended tent near Gandalf's wagon.

"You're sure?" Pippin asked again. "Wouldn't be fun without you." He put out his best puppy-dog-you-know-I'm-cute-and-want-to-do-want-I-say face.

I hated when he did this. He knew that I would fall for that look. I always did. I sighed looking down at the table then back at him. "Fine."

"Great," he smirked. He took me by the wrist and dragged me to the tent with Merry.

I was looked down upon by most of the adult hobbits in the community. I wasn't 'lady-enough' enough for the Shire or my parents. Wasn't 'lady-enough' because I wore trousers and long shirts, I grew up playing with boys and always causing mischief with them.

My mother always yelled at me: 'why can't you be more like your sisters?' 'why do you always cause trouble?' 'why can't you dress like a girl for once?' 'why do you cause trouble with that fool of a Took family?' I didn't care. I didn't care about anything she said. I was having fun.

I ducked behind the tent with Pippin. Merry opened the flap and made a quick look for Gandalf. He was gone.

Merry tapped the flap. Pippin and I came out of the tent. Merry helped Pippin onto the cart of fireworks.

"Think they'll catch us?" I asked taking another look around

"Not a chance," Merry replied. Pippin showed a long green firework. Merry shook his head. "The big one, big one!"

Pippin grabbed a large dragon shaped one then jumped off the cart. Merry grinned ear-to-ear. The three troublemakers ducked behind another tent.


Pippin stuck the sparkler to the Red Dragon. He stood and was grinning like an idiot. "Done."

"You're supposed to stick it in the ground," Merry said grabbing onto the Red Dragon and pushing it to Pippin.

"It is in the ground!" Pippin pushed it back. Wisteria noticed the wick growing shorter.

"Outside!" Merry pushed it to Pippin.

"This was your idea!"

"Oh no..." I whispered to myself. The wick on the fire work was down to its last. I covered my ears

With a great BANG the Red Dragon exploded from the tent, ascending into the air with sparks flying behind it.

The three of us were tossed to the ground to look at the Red Dragon in the sky turn into a magical show of lights and special effects. Pippin screamed like a girl.

I slowly pushed myself up from the ground. My face was covered with soot and my black hair was sticking out with smoke lingering. "Uck." I growled; I couldn't even run my fingers through her hair and I could taste smoke in my throat and smell soot in my nose.

Merry helped Pippin up. They both laughed in triumph at the hobbits in fear of the Red Dragon. I also laughed until I saw Gandalf approaching. Instead of warning the boys I ducked away.

"That was good," Merry said.

"Let's get another,"

Suddenly the cousins felt a pinch of pain in their ears. They both groaned and looked up to see the angry wizard.

I started to run away towards the road to my home but not before I heard Gandalf say: "Meriadoc Brandybuck...and Peregrine Took...I might've known,"