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"What ever happens, stay with me. I'll watch after you"

A shippers paradise
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This is a community for any of the LOTR couples that you like. You can post stories, discuss or post icons.

This is a SHIPPERS ONLY community.

just a few rules:

1. Be nice to everyone, no flamming and such, if you have a problem with someone else, just tell me and we'll try to work it out. FLAMMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

2. If you're posting a story please put it behind a LJ-cut.

3. Also if there's a story please post it as this:


3b. And now we come to the little question of slash. I myself am a big fan of slash (i mean how can you NOT love boys kissing?) but, I will allow slash, but only between the actors, not the characters. The reason is this, there are a lot and i mean a lot of slash communities/fics/sites of the characters and I think we should give the hetero couples a chance. But RPS is allowed.

4. If there are more than 3 icons, please LJ-cut

5. Remember only stuff of Shippers, no single characterness. I'm not going to be that hard on it, but if it becomes a problem I'll, well i'll just jump off that bridge when I get to it.
If I think of anything else, I'll post something else. I hope you all enjoy and start posting!

5b. Frodo is an acception, since he never marries in the trilogy, you are free to talk of him...and Gandalf.

Marriage is love.